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The top 4 movies about rock stars

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Now, let’s talk rock stars.

Sweat, calloused fingers, tinnitus… For musicians, it’s just another day in the life, and it’s a far cry from the cosy lives of Hollywood stars. But every now and then, the right actors and director will come together and make a truly spectacular film about rock stardom that looks just like the real thing. Here are four of my favourites that get it right.

4. The Runaways

The Runaways, aka the film where Kristen Stewart surprised us all by being really, really good. The movie follows the rising success of Cherie Currie as she joins Joan Jett’s band, the eponymous Runaways, and they set out for stardom. Visually lively with a wild musical energy, it’s safe to say that The Runaways is a lot of fun.

3. Velvet Goldmine

There’s nothing quite like Goldmine if you want a gorgeous, decadent movie about rock stardom, following such musicians as definitely-not-Bowie and definitely-not-Iggy Pop. In terms of story, it’s a raucous coming of age tale that follows a young Christian Bale as he starts his music journalism career and gets to know all the celebrities. The cinematography is stunning – and I’m not just talking about that famous roof scene – with fabulous stage costumes and sweat-drenched crowds that really capture what it’s like to be at a gig. The music is pretty fab, too.

2. Almost Famous

Almost Famous is America’s heterosexual answer to Velvet Goldmine: young lad wants to be a music reporter, travels with famous (made-up) rock band, falls in love with groupie. As rockstar movies go, however, it’s quite touching. Along with the cute romance, there are some scenes that just make you smile – the music troupe has a tendency to look like a big happy family at times.

1. Spinal Tap

Everyone’s favourite rockumentary easily makes the number one spot in this list. Director Rob Reiner takes on heavy metal with fictional band Spinal Tap, in a way that even real rockstars found a little too convincing. From the hilarious lyrics to the charming Stonehenge set design, this is definitely a movie that goes up to eleven.

What are your favourite rock star movies that I’ve managed to totally forget about? Comment below!